Factual Entertainment

Nothing to See

6 x 50'
Roses are Blue
Experiencing the world through sound only, 'Seeing the Sights' takes on a whole new meaning!

Visually impaired concert promoter Karl embarks on a unique road trip alongside different musicians each week, using his profound love of music as their compass.

With Karl's keen sense of hearing leading the way, each episode transports viewers to destinations that stimulate the senses beyond sight, fostering a deeper connection to sound and music.

This journey isn't just about picturesque landscapes; it's a quest for the beauty found in sound. While the scenery may be lost on Karl, he immerses himself—and the audience—in experiences that engage the senses of hearing, touch, smell, and taste, forging unforgettable moments rooted in the power of sound.

Throughout each episode, Karl and his musical companion engage in heartfelt conversations about life and draw inspiration from their surroundings. As the journey unfolds, viewers witness the magic of music making memories.

As their journey draws to a close, the duo gathers in an intimate setting for a final evening of reflection. Here, the musician shares a piece of music or a song they have written to encapsulate their shared experiences, serving as a timeless memento of their unforgettable journey together.