Channel 4
A transformation format where we don’t change how we look, but how we feel about ourselves.

A ground-breaking format, this social experiment sees three ‘Guests’ with critically low body image jet off to a sunny luxury retreat and over 4 days we see if their low body confidence can be transformed. They are greeted by a group of unclothed, body confident ‘Hosts’ who have little more than elaborate body paint to cover their modesty. 

The immersive process is based on research by social psychologist Dr Keon West which shows that spending time with a range of naked bodies of all shapes and sizes (rather than the picture-perfect ones we’re so used to seeing in the media) and being naked yourself, can improve body image, self-esteem and life happiness.  

Together with mental health expert Natasha Devon, Dr West wants to see if the same principles can be used to help transform the way people with low body image feel about themselves. After 4 days of being pushed out of their comfort zones and their clothes, the Guests face the ultimate challenge: to join the Hosts and bare all on Naked Beach...

International versions

Country Broadcaster Seasons and Episodes
Germany Sat1 1 Season 4x60'