Assizes: The Verdict

8x45’ & Season 2 in production.
2022 – Present
You decide guilt or innocence. In this interactive fiction series you are the jury. One murder, one accused and many witnesses. Who speaks the truth?

A murder case, a victim, an accused, a talented lawyer and a tough public prosecutor. And the jury, which is formed by the the viewers at home. These are the ingredients for this eight-part interactive scripted format. And we must decide the verdict.  

Following young dancer Eveline Van Laecke, from her first audition with the ballet company
to the moment she finds herself in the dock 17 years later for the murder of her choreographer (and former lover) Samuel Indria. We will hear the witness testimonials and pleas that come to life through flashbacks. Do they speak the truth? Or are they suspicious themselves?

After episode 6 we must decide if Eveline is guilty, and our verdict will be revealed in episode 7.  
But did we make the right decision? The final episode will reveal the truth. 

This interactive scripted format brings out the detective in all of us. The viewer is directly addressed in each episode to help judge the guilt and innocence of a defendant in a murder case.  The whole country can therefore be part of a popular jury that decides on the fate of the accused.