Game Show

The Smartest Person in the World

21 seasons 40x45'
2003 - Present
Outwit. Outsmart. Outshine. Who will rise as the 'Smartest Person in the World' in a battle of intellect and strategy?

Who can join the conversation about the globalisation of the world economy, but at the same time knows who Captain Haddock is? Who can list all ingredients to make guacamole and can also program their digital television themselves? Who is the smartest person in the country and by extension the world? Time to find out! 

Every day, the host welcomes three celebrities laying claim to the title of the smartest person. The host is assisted in this quest by a jury of two who criticize and assess the candidates with sympathetic, grumbling and scathing comments.

The celebrity contestants battle over a series of game rounds to discover who is the Smartest of the day. With each correct answer, they will earn seconds. Strategy is the key to success and time is always of the essence. Because the person with the highest score will be safe and continues to the next episode. The remaining two will battle it out to see who needs to leave the game that night. The most successful candidates across the series play a final week, and ultimately, only one will earn the right to call themselves the Smartest Person in the World for one whole year.

A witty and intriguing quiz that will keep you glued to your screen! 


International versions

Country Broadcaster Seasons and Episodes
Netherlands NPO1 23 Seasons 35x43'
Germany RTL 1 Season 12x45'