Game Show

One Year Off

4 Seasons 13 x 55'
Roses are Blue
2019 - Present
Imagine winning a years salary... Not by knowing the answers but by guessing who ACTUALLY knows the answers!

Sixteen participants play for the extraordinary prize in "One Year Off". The coveted prize is the highest earner's annual income among the competitors. This thrilling game show guarantees a mix of fun and strategy for viewers worldwide.

The game unfolds with a captivating gameplay that sees a group of 16 contestants compete against each other over a span of 13 weeks. Each week, one contestant is sent packing, leaving viewers to root for their preferred contenders.

The beauty of "One Year Off": anyone can triumph in this quiz of wits, as human insight takes precedence over mere facts. Contestants gain points by aligning with the participant they believe possesses the right answer, keeping the game's outcome unpredictable.

As the competition heats up, the poorest performer is shown the exit each week until the climactic final episode, where the last four contestants clash in a nerve-wracking showdown. The ultimate question: Who will seize the coveted opportunity to take a year-long sabbatical?