Adventure Reality

The Expedition: Greenland

8 x 60'
Play4 / Streamz
Roses are Blue
Eight celebrities undertake an extreme expedition through icy Greenland for 12 days

8 celebrities leave for an epic adventure in Greenland where they try to cross the desolate Arctic Circle Trail in winter. During the 160km passing from Kangerlussuaq to Sissimiut and while temperatures drop as low as -40°C the group will have to test their limits and find out who they really are.

Led by a seasoned polar guide, they undergo a cold test in Norway before facing the brutal realities of Greenland's icy terrain. Throughout the journey, they battle doubts, physical exhaustion, and unexpected challenges, including a blizzard that threatens to derail the whole expedition. Despite setbacks, the group finds strength in camaraderie and the simplicity of life on the ice.

Tensions rise as one member leaves, but the guide's motivation revitalises the team. As they press on, facing rapid climate changes and a race against time, they ultimately find solace in the beauty of their surroundings. Their journey culminates in a breathtaking spectacle under the Arctic sky, showcasing their resilience and the bonds forged in adversity.

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