12 Seasons 9x60'
1998 - Present
In this captivating reality adventure format, the key to success is to trust no one. Because anyone could be The Mole...

The Mole features a diverse group of contestants who engage in a series of challenges throughout every episode. When executing a challenge successfully, they will earn money for the prize pot. Yet, concealed among them is "The Mole", a participant handpicked by the production. The Mole's clandestine mission is to undermine the group's efforts without arousing suspicion, all while strategically concealing their true identity. At times, The Mole is privy to advance knowledge of upcoming challenges, allowing them to manipulate outcomes, while in other instances, on-the-fly decisions test their ability to determine when and how to interfere.

At the end of each episode, the contestants take a quiz that delves into the Mole's identity and their involvement in the preceding activities. The contestant with the lowest quiz score, or the slowest response time in case of a tie needs to leave the game. 

As contestants strive to increase the prize pot through successful challenge completions, survival hinges on outperforming rivals in the quiz segment. Often, this involves subtly shifting suspicion towards oneself, weaving a delicate web of intrigue. The art of deception lies at the heart of the game, with those who pretend to be The Mole needing to strike a balance between subtlety and noticeable intrigue.

In a world where anyone can be The Mole, the stakes are high and alliances are fragile. Who will unmask The Mole and take home the grand prize? 


International versions

Country Broadcaster Seasons and Episodes
USA Netflix 2 seasons 10x60'
The Netherlands AVROTROS 23 seasons 60' episodes
Bulgaria TV7 2 seasons 60' episodes
Finland MTV3 3 seasons 10x60'
France M6 1 season 60' episodes
Germany ProSieben Sat.1 2 seasons 60' episodes
Hungary TV2 1 season 60' episodes
Israel Channel 2 (Keshet) 1 season 60' episodes
Italy Rai 2 & Italia 1 3 seasons 60' episodes
New Zealand TV2 1 season 60' episodes
Norway TVNorge 2 seasons 60' episodes
Poland TVN 5 seasons 60' episodes
Portugal RTP1 1 season 60' episodes
Spain Cuatro & Telecinco 2 seasons 60' episodes
Sweden Kanal 5 & Discovery+ 3 seasons 60' episodes
Ukraine ICTV 1 season 60' episodes
UK Channel 5 1 season 60' episodes
USA ABC 4 seasons 60' episodes
Australia Seven 3 seasons 60' episodes
Spain TV3 Catalunya 1 season 60' episodes